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RWDC (Rural Women Development Centre) is a Service oriented non profitable community based social organization. RWDC was registered under the organization act of 2034 in 2048 B.S. (1991A.D.) as an NGO with the District Administration Office, Parbat. RWDC is also affiliated at the Social Welfare Council (SWC). RWDC is established with the goal of women empowerment and prosperous society. Moreover the organization is committed to create social justice and social transformation for socio- economic development of rural Women, disadvantaged and marginalized people.

Basically, RWDC parbat was established as a non-profitable organization for sharing ideas, knowledge, skill, experience, and technology of different development professional from various disciplines and contribute on the sustainable development for the use and benefit of the people. The organization has expertise in entrepreneurship development, social mobilization, social economic transformation, advocacy and awareness, gender and social inclusion, human rights, women rights, child rights, research and monitoring, co-operative management, health, sanitation and environment, agriculture and livestock etc. It has been employing with participatory, partnership and coordinating approach. RWDC has coordination and partnership to work with government line agencies, non-government organization and donor agencies.

RWDC is a membership-based organization with general members from different part of Nepal. The General Assembly is the highest decision- and policy-making body of this organization and the executive members are responsible for the implementation of policy decisions adopted by the General Assembly. RWDC has continuously mobilized by the elected body who has contribute the policy level decision, planning, implementing, monitoring and mobilize the staffs. RWDC parbat has adopted Financial and administrative policy, governance policy. RWDC parbat managed the program depart who is entirely responsible for all programs managing and implementing and also managed the administrative depart who is entirely responsible for day to day administrative affair. RWDC parbat is legally binding from one side of government rules and other side of general assembly to general members.


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Major programs of RWDC:

  1. SkillDevelopment and Entrepreneurs development program for improving the living standard and economically empowered to women, dalit, youth and poor 
  2. Socialmobilization and economic promotion services should be linked with social capital formation, environmental health & Sanitation, and Informal 
  3. Sanitation, awareness, Health Hygiene.
  4. Income Generation to rural and marginal community.
  5. Formal,informal training & awareness activities should be used to develop different types of  skills and 
  6. Savingcredit group should be developed in the form of cooperative 
  7. Awarenesscampaign, advocacy campaign, human rights and Women Rights program are to be component of its activities for improving the local service system and their access to decision making roles.
  8. Child rights and Child awareness activities should be used to develop children capacity andhelp to make aware guardian and 
  9. Initiatepublic hearing, gender audit, gender and social inclusion orientation to improving for gender budgeting system and local service providing system at governmental and non-governmental 
  10. Gender based violence awareness activities to increase advocacy capacity and access to justice.
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Mission Vision and Norms & Values:


Strengthen to develop the Economic, social & political as well as empowerment of rural woman& deprived group.


Enhance the socio-economic status and livelihood of women youths children, disable, marginalized, excluded and underprivileged through integrated community development program for prosperous society on the basis of good governance.


  • Being bridge between governments, Community & Helping agencies.
  • Making self-reliant society by using local resource & skill. 
  • Developed personal Leadership
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